Back 2 Basics


HR Support

Think your firm’s structure is going haywire? To avoid chaos skilful and efficient management of people in an organisation is a must for its smooth running. At times when the prevailing HR team of your organisation stumbles on its way to make peace with the conflict between maximising staff performance and maintaining the company protocols, Back 2 Basics will come to aid with its experienced team of professionals, who with their out-of-the-box thinking can rescue the organisation from a dead-lock situation, juggling with the various aspects that can add to your employees’ performance and business growth.

HR Review

Recruitment Strategy

Employee interaction

Skill matrix & competency mapping

HR Budgeting

Setting of appraisal & review systems

Operational Training

Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies

Training Support

Back 2 Basics understands Training as a key mechanism for organisations to raise productivity. It is also an instrument to attract fresh employees and retain the interest and involvement of the ones valued. What is necessary for the training to be effective is to identify the gap in employee training and the needs of the organisation. Our team delves deep to bring forth answer to know-how, allowing the employees to give a 100% for the management and operation of their domain.

Induction Trainings

Approve Calendar

Conduct TNA

Employee Orientation

Conduct need based Trainings

Marketing Support

Our Marketing team comes with its own baggage of experience and innovative ideas to help you cross every milestone in your journey till the destination. It will guide your way towards business growth by analysing the existing system, weeding out the loopholes, enhancing the plus-points, scanning the marketing budget, focusing on the implementation and execution of the plans, and finally, ensuring that you not only reach out to your loyal customers but also the potential ones.

Gap analysis of existing model

Annual marketing


Monitor the marketing budget

Brand Support

What makes your firm a brand? It is the uniqueness of your services and the way your organisation is perceived in the market. In a nutshell, in this segment our job is to ensure that you
‘look good’ to your customers. Our team, with charged-up and innovative designers, content generators, PR handlers and media marketers, will help your firm look well-groomed, all set for taking things up on its stride. With our eyes on brand management, our analysis, planning and discussion with your firm members, will help us reach a consensus to decide on how YOU want your brand to be perceived in the market.

PR strategy

Content Creation

Execution supervision

Social media strategy

Design strategy

Sales Support

Our sales support team pays attention to sales coordination, sales administration, target setting etc. The aim is to initiate good customer relationship, enabling the sales team to sell and handle customers with ease. The unwavering attention to detail and good interpersonal skills will also help train your sales team for inter-departmental communication.

Target & goalsetting

Strategize appointment of associates

Sales training (team)

Sales review (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)