How We Work


Being systematic and having a map drawn out for what we aim to do is the first step for a kick start. Spontaneity is a must in the time of urgency but we in Back 2 Basics take every possible step to avoid rushing on the eleventh hour. We believe in a well-thought program, designed as per YOUR requirements; for when we work, YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH BECOMES OUR PRIORITY!



very lock comes with its own key. Likewise every problem in a particular organization and more importantly every organization by and large is peculiar and cannot be dealt with a single key. We as probable consultants play a vital role to diagnose the issues and problems faced by an organization in the first place, and identify the key factors that motivated it to look for solutions externally. To sum up we say we are the keen listeners at this stage to pull out as much information as possible by asking relevant and logical questions to the management and the team.



nce we have a pool of information lying on our table, the next very obvious step becomes to connect the dots and to analyze the problem through the questions asked and the answers received in the first meeting. We run all the acquired information under a close knit scanner that constitutes our team of expert consultants and associates. At this stage we are now clear on the missing brick and we have successfully diagnosed the real problem.



his level involves rigorous brainstorming and finding the right key to the identified lock. We sit with our experts in the desired fields to collect their inputs and create a strategic blue print of the planned activity list awaiting execution.  At this level we almost know what is to be done, when to be done and how to be done. After we present the plan to our clients and invite necessary inputs from them, we are now all set to go and get the wheels to turn.



he hero of this entire context is revealed at this stage. This is a stage where a great plan can fail due to wrong execution or an average plan can do miracles due to right execution. The key here is in maximum detailing and constant corrective measures to ensure room for minimum error. Our strong back office team and front end execution team is perfectly aligned to produce the most effective results and achieve maximum client satisfaction.



his may not be the Hero in the movie, but plays the most vital supporting character. Any execution can be completely successful through constant and rigorous monitoring. It is here that the real life challenges of implementation which turn out to be very different from what was speculated, can be discovered. This change can at times become the most fatal if left unattended. Hence monitoring of any implemented activity is the last and final stage of this cycle of development.